The Economy

Texas must lead the way in restoring the freedom of the individual over the special interests. And that starts with our economy.

Texas has dropped from #1 to #26 in jobs in just the last four years. While Texas' GOP spends the majority of its time fiddling around in public restrooms, they have done nothing to jumpstart our economy and bring investment back home. It's time for the federal and state governments to work together to bring prosperity to all Texans. By re-focusing our priorities from bathrooms to concrete fiscal policy, we can make North Texas into an economic powerhouse.

Helping Small Businesses and Independent Contractors

It's time to fight for small businesses, contractors, and the self-employed – the real "job creators." First and foremost, this can be done by instituting a single-payer healthcare system, which would eliminate the skyrocketing insurance costs for small businesses and contractors. Second, the implementation of a federal micro-loan system would be of tremendous benefit to small business owners and contractors, who are often shut out of traditional banks for the small, temporary amounts that they need on a day-to-day basis. These micro-loans will be made available at post offices across the country, ensuring that everyone, even those in rural areas, has access to the loans they need. Finally, simplifying the tax code for small businesses is something that is long overdue. The current tax code benefits large corporations with eight-figure accounting and legal departments; simplifying the code for single-person corporations or LLCs could go a long way towards alleviating the demands of running  your own business.

Free Trade

Texas relies heavily on tariff-free trade. Any "trade war" started by the President against Mexico, Canada, or China will have catastrophic effects on our oil, gas, and tech industries. There is no economic basis for these trade wars, which will cost Texas hundreds of thousands of jobs. The proposed Republican plan for a border tax on imports would siphon $50 billion from Texas' oil and refining industries alone: almost a quarter of the state's entire yearly budget. If we want to become a global leader, we must encourage free trade.

Increased Investment in Energy

The government should encourage new technological advancements in renewable energy (wind and solar) and fossil fuels (oil and natural gas), and create the flexibility to go from one source to another as markets adjust, and at minimal cost. Texas already leads the country in wind, oil, and natural gas production: we currently have the manpower, the infrastructure, and the resources to become the #1 energy supplier in the world, powering the rest of the country for decades to come.

Infrastructure Spending

Texas is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, but many cities lack the infrastructure necessary to absorb this tremendous growth. Some cities laid out detailed infrastructure plans decades ago and are well-prepared for the booming population explosion; others never formulated any sort of far-reaching plan, and are now suffering for it as the population boom puts a huge strain on traffic and utilities. Investing in our roads, airports, waterways, dams, sanitation systems, levees, and mass transit systems is a must.

Investment in Technology

Automation is going to replace hundreds of thousands of jobs. That, unfortunately, is inevitable. But by investing in emerging technology now, Texas can be ahead of the curve. It is never too early to invest in research and development, including all areas of science: the ideas grown in a lab in Dallas today will create a better world decades from now. Private investment in emerging tech is generally limited to what is most profitable in the short-term; for long-term solutions to tomorrow's problems, we're going to need to go back to government-funded R&D – including a renewed focus on NASA.

No More Trillion-Dollar Bailouts

The current administration and their cronies in both houses of Congress have pledged to gut the Dodd-Frank act, which was passed in response to the global financial meltdown caused by banks handing out junk loans like they were candy. We all know how this will end, because it happens every time: the banks will play around with our money and blow it all. And they'll do it with a smile, because they know the federal government will bail them out. No more! Our grandkids and great grandkids are already on the hook for the first round of trillion-dollar bailouts; if big banks make careless decisions, they should go out of business, and executives should get fired. "Too big to fail" is a lie; when the inevitable banking crisis hits in the next half-decade, those banks that chose poorly will not have their losses covered by the taxpayer.