Healthcare is the #1 problem facing Texas and the nation right now. The ACA is a severely flawed plan and must be replaced. My family and I have relied on it for the past half-decade, as there was no other possible way for us to afford healthcare. But the AHCA, BCRA, and Graham-Cassidy plans are even worse, stealing from the sick, the young, and the elderly – to pay for massive tax cuts for drug companies and the rich that they don't even need.

This is unacceptable. But what can we do about it?

I'll tell you what we can do: it's called the single payer, universal healthcare system. In this system, either the state or federal government provides universal health care, just like every other industrialized country in the world.

Single-payer is the most simple, streamlined, efficient, and affordable healthcare option. There are no premiums, no five-figure deductibles, no yearly or lifetime caps on medical expenses. There is no Age Tax, no denial of services, no need to figure out who is in-network or out. No surprise bills, no more hour-long phone calls to the billing department to force the insurance company to pay what they're obligated to pay, no skyrocketing drug costs to worry about. Everybody pays in, and everybody gets exactly the level of healthcare they need, when they need it.

Everybody ropes, everybody rides.

Because eventually, let's face it: every single one of us will need it.

With less bureaucratic overhead and no marketing costs, single payer saves hundreds of billions over our current system.

Because it is provided for all Americans, there is no question of access: everyone gets it, regardless of age, economic status, or pre-existing conditions. This is especially true of mental health.

Because it is already paid for via the state or federal budget, there are no massive premium increases to maximize already obscene profit margins.

Prices are determined, not by for-profit drug and insurance companies, but by a consensus of actual health professionals that only have your well-being in mind. Under single payer, the price of new drugs is negotiated, preventing the widespread profiteering abuse that runs rampant today.

It allows for a deeper focus on preventative care over emergency care: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Nowhere is this more true than with healthcare. A single yearly MRI scan, EBT screening, and bloodwork test can alert your doctor to far more serious medical issues down the road. Why wait and spend $400,000 on a condition that could have been caught, prevented, and treated for $400? Yet that is precisely how our system operates today.

A lower tax liability for individuals and employers. Businesses will no longer have their budgets held hostage by massive premium rate hikes.

And it's portable from job to job, town to town, anywhere.

The Challenge

Big pharma and the insurance giants have fought this idea tooth and nail, filling the talk radio airwaves with lies about death panels and socialism. Of course they would: they alone stand to gain from a catastrophically broken system. Pete Sessions is well-versed in big pharma's memorized talking points, and is planning to spend millions in television and internet ads to spread this false message.

But we regular Texans can only take so much of that crap before we snap. Every day, more and more people are coming to the realization that these crooks will say and do anything to maintain their deathgrip on your health... and your wallet. They've pushed us to the brink, and then some; but you can only push us so far before we strike back!

It's time for Texans to lead the way and act as an example for the rest of the nation, and adopt universal health care coverage.

If elected, I will fight for you –I'm ready to take on wave after wave of nasty, personal attacks from the single wealthiest lobbyists in the world, to ensure that all Americans can finally have access to the healthcare that they deserve. It's time to stop the pharma lobby's divide-and-conquer tactics, put our differences aside, and work together to achieve what our current "leaders" have been paid millions to avoid doing.